New! Seasoning 2 launched

New today to the site is Seasoning 2, dark, earthy and rich this edition from The Flavour Files is full of savoury porcini mushrooms blended to a fine powder and mixed with sumac, garlic and pepper to give depth of flavour.  The umani notes in Seasoning 2 mean you can leave out the salt – your tastebuds won’s miss it.  There is less than 0.012 salt in a 10g tablespoon / serving – which is only 5 mg of sodium.  Perfect if you are trying to reduce the salt / sodium in your diet but don’t want to sacrifice on flavour.

The mushroom notes make Seasoning 2 ideal as a steak rub, or to boost the flavour in a slow cooked red meat casserole.  Try the 50g bag today and you won’t be dissappointed.

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