How to use our low salt spice mixes

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What to do with our spices

Our seasonings can be rubbed or sprinkled, grilled or baked. Use them in any dish where you would otherwise add salt, to give a depth of flavour that replaces the need for salt.

Sprinkle on chicken and veggie traybakes, rub on kebabs, mix with lemon and smear on salmon, make a paste for tacos, massage into sirloin steak, add to breadcrumbs for chicken goujons, dust on sweet potato wedges, stir through guacamole, add to a Spanish tortilla, squish into your meatball mixture, throw on fries, knead into flat bread, enliven butter for corn on the cob, stir through hummus, rub with oil and smother a whole roast chicken, add to tomato ragu, liven up a chilli con carne, perk up roasted veg.

How much to use

A standard serving size is 10g – which is about 1 tablespoon. For most recipes and food servings 1 10g tablespoon will coat 1 salmon piece or chicken breast. A teaspoon on a serving on chips / potato wedges for one person will season them generously

More serving suggestions

  • Use as a dry rub for meat or fish
  • Use as a spoonful of seasoning for sauces
  • Mix with lemon juice or olive oil or both to make a wet rub for meat or fish
  • Sprinkle onto a tray bake of chicken, peppers and potatoes
  • Add to butter to make a spicy buttery lovely paste and spread on your corn on the cob
  • Dust half a teaspoonful onto a portion of chips, fries or sweet potato wedges
  • Add one tablespoon to a risotto
  • Mix with olive oil and rub into chicken pieces for mouth watering kebabs
  • Combine with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice and smear on salmon for a delicious dinner
  • Shake over mince for tasty tacos
  • Massage into sirloin steak for a mouthwatering bite
  • Mingle with breadcrumbs for tempting chicken goujons
  • Dust generously on sweet potato wedges for an enticing sidedish
  • Stir through guacamole for a sumptuous kick
  • Incorporate with eggs for a luscious Spanish tortilla
  • Throw on fries for a distinctive twist
  • Smother a whole roast chicken for a full flavoured roast
  • Jumble with chickpeas for a divine houmous
  • Enliven butter for corn on the cob
  • Knead into flat bread for a piquant lift
  • Blend with oil to perk up a rainbow of roasted veg
  • Blend with passata for a divine pasta sauce for meatballs or mince
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