About us

How we came up with the idea for low salt products

Caroline and Rachel are neighbours and friends with a shared interest in food. A family member of Caroline’s, an otherwise healthy person eating a low fat diet, slim and with normal cholesterol levels, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, as a result of which his doctor advised cutting out salt.

We’re all avid BBQ fans and enthusiastic foodies and home cooks so the prospect of preparing delicious dinners at home without any salt at all was quite daunting. After trying to cook our normal dinners without salt we quickly realised we were going to need something to add flavour and depth and to overcome the lack of salt, and to make people look forward to dinner time again.
We started by looking for low salt products in the supermarket and online and trying every one that we could find. It was very disappointing – they were either bland and tasteless or horrible and not to our taste at all. So we decided to develop our own. We began researching the science of taste and experimenting with our own flavour combinations until Seasoning 1 was born.

What is the science?

Citrus and umami flavours can replace the desire for salt so Caroline and Rachel spent a long time experimenting with herbs, spices and flavours that had big citrus notes and savoury elements. A big breakthrough was discovering spices like Urfa Biber. It’s unusual and hard to get over here but adds a deep warmth to the flavour profile. It’s very savoury and so really helps to get over the fact there’s no salt. Sumac has citrus notes which also help to replace the salty flavours our tastebuds are looking for. Ingredients like mushroom, onion and garlic also have deep savoury flavours and add to the umami notes.

A lot of what we tried initially was terrible – bland, flavourless and left us thinking it needed salt. Through a long process of trial and error and quite a lot of research we ended up with three recipe variations on Seasoning 1.
We ate a lot of meals using these recipes until finally we were ready to do a blind taste with family and friends, after which we settled on the current recipe. This version of Seasoning 1 is the first in what we plan to be a series of products – it’s warm and smoky without being hot and spicy. Seasonings 2 and 3 are in formulation at them moment to add variety to the salt free dinner time.


Rachel has a background in IT sales, marketing and management. She loves to eat and cook and is very happy to travel widely in order to eat delicious food. The need for a healthier diet, reducing salt and saturated fat, is a new facet of middle age which has changed her approach to food without changing her requirement that it needs to taste good. She has two kids working through their teenage years who are very vocal about what’s tasty and what’s not, and their input has helped to refine the recipe ideas!


Caroline has a background in HR and worked for many years at M&S. She loves to cook and feed people. Her two young boys are big fans of BBQ, one is a big meat fan and the other is trying out vegetarianism. Her house is full of kitchen gadgets, sous vide machines, air friers, exotic BBQs and pizza ovens. Cooking and mealtimes are a complete family affair so eating flavourful but healthy food is really important for all the family.

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