Seasoning 1 – 150g

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Very low salt seasoning / spice mix.

A sumptuous, smoky and sweet seasoning that adds a fabulous flavour to all kinds of foods – without the added salt. Just 0.01g of salt per 10g tablespoon serving (4mg sodium per 10g tablespoon). Rub or sprinkle on meat, fish, potatoes, veggies or roasts before grilling, baking, barbecuing or roasting. Extremely flexible spice blend without the salt of most commercial available mixes.

Carefully hand blended and packed in the UK. 150g bag – plenty of rub for plenty of flavour!

Sumac, smoked paprika, urfa biber chilli flakes (dried), arrowroot, cayenne pepper, onion powder (dried), garlic powder (suphites)

Rub or sprinkle, grill or bake, serve and enjoy.

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